NOK® and Freudenberg® supplies Cylinder Head Gaskets and Secondary Gasket under the Stone® and Pearlstone® brand.

Whether it's a cylinder head gasket, cylinder head bolt, full kit or sealing kit: CORTECO® offers a wide range of engine related spare parts in OEM quality, thus ensuring the highest possible engine performance.

As the head bolts should always be changed together with the cylinder head gasket, CORTECO® also offers first rate quality head bolts. So for gaskets, you need only one supplier!

The CORTECO® range includes:

Single Gaskets:
•  Cylinder head gaskets
•  Cylinder lining gaskets
•  Oil pan gaskets
•  Thermostat gaskets
•  Valve cover gaskets
•  Manifold gaskets
•  Water pump gaskets

Overhaul kits:
•  Cylinder head gasket kits
•  Full kits
•  Conversion sets
•  Timing case sets